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Bug#582953: kmail deleted all non-local incoming mail settings on upgrade


On penktadienis 04 Birželis 2010 11:46:52 Juha Jäykkä wrote:
> What do you mean "KDE" running? I did not have kmail, but I did have kded
> and several other KDE-related processes running, but I never run KDE
> because it forces me to logout for upgrades; by running just openbox the
> only userspace program upgrades I need to log off for are X and openbox.
> If the deletion of data is due to "odd things" happening when upgrading
> while kde-related processes are running, this is a bug: very many people
> use graphical apt-front-ends to upgrade their machines and it simply must
> work. A logoff or reboot may be required, yes, but under no circumstances
> must user data be deleted without explicit permission. What was the
> upgrade doing inside $HOME anyway? Packages should not touch anything in
> $HOME.

So as I said it is very unlikely to have been caused by upgrade.

> That said, there was that odd set of error messages at first start of kmail
> after the upgrade, so perhaps the package did not touch $HOME, but kmail
> itself, for some reason, deleted all its mail settings and data at first
> restart. I suggest you go though the kmail code to see where it does
> unlink() on its mail during startup and under what conditions that
> happens. Clearly, the only condition when that should happen is when the
> user explicitly asks kmail to delete messages.

Well, your report does not have much useful information: "odd set of error 
messages", "apart from some directories" etc. You aren't very specific. And my 
kmail stores mails in ~/Mail.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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