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Bug#571924: kdebindings not binNMUable

package: kdebindings
severity: serious
version: 4:4.3.4-1+b1


the kdebindings 4:4.3.4-1+b1 binNMU produced an interesting depends:  
python-sip4 (>= <none>), python-sip4 (<< <none>+~) 

This breaks the piuparts dependency parser, and i guess it will break other 
stuff as well. Due to this bug I had to completly disable testing of sid on 
edos.debian.net hasnt been updated since a week, but I assume its a likely 

Filing this as serious as the resulting relationships are a severe violation 
of policy. #571695 has been filed to make dak prevent such packages entering 
the archive. Setting the version to the binNMU to prevent the binNMU packages 
to enter testing.


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