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Bug#569284: kmix: Fail to work on LTSP thin clients using PulseAudio

found 569284 4:4.34-1
severity 569284 important

[Modestas Vainius]
> You can't expect us to fix KDE 3.5 to work with evil that is PA when
> KDE 4.3 does not work sanely with it yet (in theory, KDE 4.4 should
> be better in this department).

I tested this with LTSP using kmix version 4:4.34-1, and it do not
work on the thin client there either.  The kmix window show no mixer
at all, even thought sound work with KDE (the login sound is played).

> What's more, I don't see how this bug qualifies as important. KDE
> 3.5 has never been designed to work with PA at all. Feel free to
> submit patches though.

Raising severity to important to reflect this new information and the
fact that it affect KDE 4 in Squeeze, and affect a lot of users
without making it unusable for everybody.

This bug affect Debian Edu, making it harder to document how users
should change the sound volume, as the same method (use kmix) do not
work everywhere.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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