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Bug#569940: Preference for file type

Package: openoffice.org-writer
Version: 1:3.2.0~rc4-1
X-Debbugs-Cc: okular@packages.debian.org
Severity: minor


(Hmm.  Does X-Debbugs-Cc work in this way?  Not sure ...)

On a fresh installation (squeeze plus new oo.org), KDE prefers okular as 
default application to open odt files over oo.org.

I'm not sure who should "fix" this in which way - I solved it by appending 
InitialPreference=5 to openoffice.org-writer.desktop (I wanted a global 
solution because we have a multiuser environment.  KDE's file preferences 
are the more usual way to go for a single user and works just fine.)

While I agree that which application should be default is really a matter of 
opinion, using an editing program in preference to a viewer (which also 
doesn't really render moderately complex documents well) seems sensible.

thanks & cheers
-- vbi

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