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Bug#531110: lskat: Game terminates with "Game was aborted", no points

n Saturday 30 May 2009, Raj Mathur wrote:
> More info:
> 1.  From what I've seen this happens after another bug: I'm playing
> Computer vs Human; Computer starts game and plays first card.  The
>  card is played but it does not display on the game play area, so
>  Human has to make a guess which card and suit to respond with. 
>  After that the game proceeds normally until the end.
> 2. Attaching a screenshot of the end of a "Game was aborted" game. 
>  As you can see, the display still shows one card to be played in the
>  Human deck, whereas the game is actually over (for some values of
>  "over").

It seems you can reliably reproduce this bug.  If you select "New" from 
the "Game" menu while the last card played by the computer is still 
moving towards the play area, the new game started will have this 
problem.  You have to be quick to select "New" (or press ^N) before the 
card moves from the deal area to the play position.  You can do this at 
any point in the game when the computer is moving.

Current version of lskat is 1.40 on KDE 4.3.4.


-- Raj
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