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Bug#525763: Workaround

This problem occurs only when running Synaptic from KDE4.  Synaptic is 
automatically wrapped in a perl script, for reasons that aren't clear to me.  
To work around this problem, log into KDE4, start Konsole, and type

sudo synaptic

This will launch Synaptic as root without wrapping it in a perl script, which 
avoids the perl/glibc error message that occurs when certain packages are 

For this command to work correctly, your user must be entered in the 
/etc/sudoers file.  If it isn't, edit the file as root and add yourself under 
the entry for root as shown:

root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
<username>  ALL=(ALL) ALL

The reason for using sudo is that this launches the program as root but still 
displays the GUI on your regular user screen.


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