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Bug#567216: plasma-widgets-workspace: system monitor widgets empty

Package: plasma-widgets-workspace
Version: 4:4.3.4-3
Severity: important

Since updating from (I think) KDE 4.3.2 to 4.3.4 most system monitor widgets 
on the desktop do not work anymore, e.g.: CPU, network, RAM, temperature 
widgets just show an empty widget pane, without any content. When I right 
click on the respective system monitor widget and enter the settings dialog, 
no CPU, no network interface and no sensors are listed in the respective 
settings dialog as they used to before.

One of the few system monitor widgets that still works is the hard disc space 

libplasma-applet-system-monitor4 is installed and latest version (4:4.3.4-3). 
I used ldd with all system monitor plugins to check whether there are 
unresolved library dependencies, but it seems the dependencies are all fine.

To ensure that its not a stale configuration files issue, I also created a fresh 
new user account and tested the system monitor widgets that way, same problem 

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