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Bug#563271: kdm crashes at first login b/c of consolekit(?)

Confirmed on amd64 again,

Before the first login, /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon is not started, after the 
first faild login,  /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon is started and 
/var/log/ConsoleKit/history has following entry:

    1263105067.049 type=SEAT_ADDED : seat-id='Seat1' seat-kind=0

After successful login, /var/log/ConsoleKit/history has following entry:

    1263105105.998 type=SEAT_SESSION_ADDED : seat-id='Seat1' session-
id='Session1' session-type='' session-x11-display=':0' session-x11-display-
' session-display-device='' session-remote-host-name='' session-is-local=TRUE 
session-unix-user=1000 session-creation-time='2010-01-10T06:31:45.981389Z'
1263105106.076 type=SEAT_ACTIVE_SESSION_CHANGED : seat-id='Seat1' session-

It's possible to repeat this bug by stop kdm daemon, restart dbus daemon, 
start kdm datemon, login as nomal user. 

After a user logined from console, anyone can successfully login from kdm, no 
need to login twice. 

Liang Guo

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