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Re: gpsd on the way to 2.91; gps_poll non-blocking


On antradienis 15 Gruodis 2009 23:59:51 Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> Hi,
> first I have to say sorry that the gpsd transition was a bit more rough
>  than it should have been, I indeed did not realize that so much changed on
>  the library that renaming the -dev package name to libgps1-dev would have
>  made sense. Luckily the transition was not too hard for most packages.
> gaia: Will NMU tonight.
> geoclue: needs a bit larger patch as there is some weird code in it.
>  Working on that.

> kde*: fixed in svn, waiting for an upload afaik.

kde* has been fixed (it builds, but not sure if works :/) and uploaded.

> navit: patch provided by me, should be fixed soon.
> s3d: fixed.
> viking: fixed.
> With gpsd 2.91 (and the svn snapshot I'll upload soon to fix a different
>  bug) gps_poll will *not* block any more. As this is a change programs will
>  start to rely on soon it might make sense to bump the -dev package now,
>  but as the number of rdeps is very limited it should be enough to use
>  autotools and friends to check for the right package version.

At least according to [1], this is going to be optional & non-default 
behaviour, so maybe it is not that important (and scary) after all? If not, I 
hope there will be a guide how to fix this yet another API incompatibility.

1. http://svn.berlios.de/viewvc/gpsd?view=rev&revision=6770

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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