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Re: Bug#547570: Kopete and ICQ

On Sunday 13 December 2009 16:32:12 Patrick Häcker wrote:
> Hello,
> without the proposed patch and without changing the config file manually,
> ICQ does _not_ work.

Good to know.
> The versions in http://kopete.kde.org/oscarversions.xml seem to be correct,
> but the update procedure did not even start in my short tests.
> I can have a deeper look, if you tell me, what you want to know exactly.

Why it doesn't update, and if it is fixable.

>  But what would that good for? The proposed patch is not a good long term
>  solution, but does it have to be? If it works for lenny, it is fine from
>  my point of view, as squeeze will contain KDE 4 and I guess that the
>  problem is solved there already (although I did not check that).

It is good just in maintainership terms: if we can solve the problem by it's 
root, we don't need to be dealing with patches any time the protocol changes.
We also need to contact the release team each time a package has to change in 
stable. And that also means me bugging some DD in the team to contact them :-(

Remember that freeze will happen next year, but that doesn't means that 
Squeeze will be released soon.

OTOH, no one else appears to have time enough to deal with this problem, and I 
do not use ICQ (nor I want to), so if you can help finding the problem, the 
better for everyone :)

Regards, Lisandro.


Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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