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Bug#559513: plasma-widgets-workspace should recommend cpufrequtils

> The power management plasmoid contained in plasma-widgets-workspace has the
>  ability to switch between supported CPU policies ("More..." ->
>  "Capabilities"). However, this requires that the relevant kernel modules
>  that implement these policies are loaded; otherwise no CPU policies are
>  available. Loading the relevant kernel modules is the job of the
>  cpufrequtils package. Hence, plasma-widgets-workspace should recommend the
>  cpufrequtils package to the user when being installed.


First, the recommend should be put on the kdebase-workspace-bin package, as 
the component responsible for power management is powerdevil (in kdebase-
workspace) and not plasma (which is just an interface to the daemon).

I agree that /etc/init.d/loadcpufreq is in the cpufrequtils package and is the 
easier way to ensure the governor modules are loaded, although powerdevil 
doesn't use /usr/bin/cpufreq*

Xavier Vello

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