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Re: libsoprano sesame2 backend

On 2009-08-12, Ana Guerrero <ana@debian.org> wrote:
> Also, take into account thata  package something is not putting some files under
> debian/, ship it to the archive and forget. You have to look at the
> different packaging policies (in this case java) and keep them updated, look 
> at all the build depends and depends packaged, then keep mantaining it and 
> being able to look at bug reports... Nobody in the team was interested in that,
> and that is most of the job.

If it was just a case of a single java library that needed to be
packaged, it would ahve been a different thing.

Sesame2.jar uses a build system that is called 'maven', that among
others has the feature of downloading other libraries during build.

So first step would be to figure out how to untangle the "download from
the internet" part of the build system and remove that.

The libraries that maven downloads during build is 105 java libraries
taking up a total of 28mb space. Some of these libraries (iirc around
15) are available in debian. The remaining should be packaged

So all in all, it is not just the case of "pacage a single java


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