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Bug#531221: okular: Arbitrarily enforces DRM

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Michael Banck]
>> If copying is indeed the only thing which is mediated via DRM, I agree
>> with you, but maybe the situation should get analyzed a bit and anyway,
>> we should make it easy for large organisations (public administration,
>> companies) to set a default for their users how this should work.
> I think the user education aspect is interesting.  It is unhealthy for
> people to think the "don't copy" bit actually works; it causes them to
> make poor security decisions.  Any time we can demonstrate to users
> that this bit is purely advisory, it helps everyone.  (Well... everyone
> except those who, when shown the shortcomings of the "trusted client"
> security model, believe the solution is to get rid of untrustworthy
> clients.)

Yep, an in fact some people were discussing such a solution on IRC as
well.  There was some indication it might be accepted.

-- John

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