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Bug#531008: Whenever PC starts juk from autostart directory, application crashes

tags 531008 upstream


the bug you reported is a KDE bug. Please report it via
Help -> Report bug... menu item of the respective application
or by visiting https://bugs.kde.org/ and following instructions
to report a new bug.

Debian Qt/KDE maintainers do not have resources to deal with
non Debian-specific bugs and therefore it is unlikely that
your bug will be solved if you do not report it to KDE developers
directly (unless it is/has been reported by somebody else).

Whenever you open a bug report or find an existing one on the KDE
bug tracking system, you can couple both this Debian bug and the
KDE bug together by sending a mail with the text below to
control@bugs.debian.org (replace KDE-BUG-URL with the address of
the bug report on https://bugs.kde.org/)

------------[ copy this ]------------
forwarded 531008 KDE-BUG-URL
------------[ copy this ]------------

Thank you,
Modestas Vainius

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