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Bug#531007: /usr/local should be included by default

reassign 531007 kdelibs5
retitle 531007 /usr/local should be included by default


See the original bug report on what happened before.

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local

and then it suddenly works ...

I think that in keeping with Unix tradition, /usr/local should be included 
by default as search path for pretty much everything, overriding stuff 
installed by the packaging system.  (And then stuff in ~ should override 
what's in /usr/local.)

-- vbi

(Thanks to pusling for his input.)

(pointer for me if pusling doesn't beat me to it:

 + if you want to fix it, you should look at kstandarddirs.cpp in the 
 + kdecore subdir of kde4libs source package ,)


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