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Bug#528284: kaddressbook repeatedly opens messagebox to select email

On Monday, 2009-05-11, Stefan Seide wrote:
> Package: kaddressbook
> Version: 4:4.2.2-1
> Severity: normal
> selecting an addressbook entry with 2 or more different email addresses
> causes kaddressbook to repeatedly open a messagebox "Select Email Adress"
> with all emails listed. It does not matter if i press "OK" or ESC - the
> messagebox pops up something between two and six times (mostly, but never
> less than two times)
> This happens every time i select an entry, sometimes when i try to edit an
> selected entry.

Fixed in 4.2.3, see http://websvn.kde.org:80/?view=rev&revision=953498


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