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Bug#493458: Fixed upstream

tag 493458 fixed-upstream

From the following comment in upstream's bugtracker, this bug is fixed and 
scheduled for kde 4.3.0.

------- Comment #23 From Detlev Casanova 2009-04-29 16:26:38 -------
This has been fixed in SVN since some times now (Olivier did that when he
updated iris IIRC)

As it is a new feature since the release of KDE 4.2, you will have to wait for
KDE 4.3 or use the latest SVN version.

If you use SVN, be careful that there is still a possibility to use the old
protocol (xmpp09). That option is by default set to false but an old
configuration file could make Kopete still use the old protocol.
The reason of support of the old protocol is simply because some servers don't
implement the new protocol yet.

Regards, Lisandro.

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