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Bug#513382: closed by Sune Vuorela <debian@pusling.com> (Re: Bug#513382: akonadi-server: depends on mysql-server)

On Tuesday 07 April 2009 09:26:59 Roger Leigh wrote:
> > you would prefer if they used oracle or postgresql?
> > I really think using mysql is much better than reimplementing a fast
> > storage that allows concurrent access.
> Depending on /any/ database *server* is not acceptable.  It should
> be using the *client interface* like every other program out there.
> This means either the client program, client library, or some other
> database abstraction library are used to connect to the server.

It uses the client interface like any other program out there to a *local* 
database. Currently, only mysql is supported.

> If it wants to embed a server, then sqlite exists for just this
> purpose.

Then please fix sqlite to be fast and deadlock free when accessed from multiple 
processes and threads.

> Directly running an entire database server instance for a single
> client is *wrong*, bloated and broken design.  And I'm forced to
> run a system mysql instance unless I take special steps to
> disable it, with all the security issues that implies.  No thanks.

I have several times approached mysql maintainers to make it possible to 
create a version that does not start a system daemon as well. Akonadi starts 
its own instance as user.

> > > kde[4] -> kdepim -> korganizer -> akonadi-server -> mysql-server
> >
> > Without akonadi-server, korganizer won't work.
> > Very soon, kmail will also require akonadi-server.
> > Akonadi is here to stay.
> Then these packages must be removed from the appropriate kde
> metapackages until they are fixed.

Nothing here is broken, so nothing to fix.

> Installing mysql is *simply not acceptable*.
> This might be something the Technical Committee could look at;
> I won't find anything other than the removal of this dependency
> acceptable.

Oh well. Just take it to tech-ctte then. As said, Akonadi uses mysql-server 
and akonadi is here to stay.

Genius, I cannot boot the mailer, how does it work?

First of all from X-Windows you neither should debug a AGP system, nor should 
doubleclick the sendmail to overclock the URL of a 47X driver.

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