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Bug#508574: korganizer: reminder shows past events; "suspend" doesn't work.

| 1. The reminder pops up 15 minutes prior to an event (that's my usual
|   setting), but sometimes shows a few past events together with the
|   imminent one.
| 2. The "suspend" functionality is unavailable.  The button is blacked
|   out and not pressable.

The problem has just occurred, so that I'm able to provide a more
detailed description of it.

The reminder showed two events, one scheduled at 12/12/2008 14:00
(about a week before) and the other scheduled at 12/17/2008 12:00
(fifteen minutes in the future).

Initially, the past event was highlighted and the "Suspend", "Edit",
and "Dismiss" buttons were blacked out.  When I clicked on the future
event, all the four buttons became available.  When I next clicked the
"Suspend" button, the future event disappeared from the reminder, but
the past event remained and only the "Dismiss all" button remained

A practical problem is that the reminder window remains on top of
every other window:  Even if you click on another window, you can't
raise it above KOrganizer's reminder.  All you can do is to click
on the "Dismiss all" button to remove the reminder.  But then,
you loose the "suspend" functionality for the imminent (future)


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