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Re: Bug#502459: fixed in kdelibs 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-1

On Friday 31 October 2008 11:19:09 Raúl Sánchez Siles wrote:
> > 2.  Convince debian-release that lenny should be released with kdelibs
> > 3.5.10 - currently in sid..

>   Feel free to answer whatever doubt you may have about this issue. Comments 
> are also welcome.


I don't disagree with what you have said, however it isn't me that you need to 
convince, hey I'm even part of the kde-extras team.

The filtered debdiff is quite small as you say, however we are very deep into 
the the lenny freeze so the standard policy answer to bump minor versions of a 
lib would be no.  Of course the risk of bumping a minor version of a important 
library does go up. Also every other package in lenny also has a minor version 
increment they will want to get included, but the point of a freeze is to stop 
such activity.

IMHO - what the kde team would need to show to debian-release is that there 
are substantial benefits and low risk in including 3.5.10 at this late stage. 
But then again you are not suggesting an integrated 3.5.10 be included rather 
just one set of libs from 3.5.10 and the rest of kde stays at 3.5.9. Which 
again presents a level of risk.

I will await further discussion on d-r, however again IMHO I don't think the 
present argument is strong.

Which brings us back to my first option:

> > 1.  Upload a new kdelibs 3.5.9, say -7, with 63_fixed-layout-table.diff
> > targeted at testing-proposed-updates, or

I would recommend the preparation of -7 with 63_fixed-layout-table.diff now.


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