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Bug#503687: kicker won't hide immediately

Re:  ii  kicker         4:3.5.9.dfsg.1 desktop panel for KDE

Bug still there in pure debian. And it's been isolated.

"Also sprach ptb:"
> If you're interested ... , it's a fault I've
> observed before on wholly debian installations.  It seems to come and

Yerrs, I've now had a while in which to take kicker and all supporting
libraries back to debian pure packages (FWIW I backed every single
package originating from ubuntu and mentioning the word "KDE" in its
description down the couple of patch levels required to debian unstable,
just to be thorough, as well as backing down everything in kicker's
dynamic or static loading chain - I straced it) and can report that the
issue is in debian too and I've isolated it.

Turns out I could have saved myself the work.  The problem isolates to
the following change in my ./share/config/kickerrc.  I must have changed
it after installing ubuntu's kicker, just working through to check its
config options ..  then I attributed the problem to the change to ubuntu
kicker instead of the change to the config file.  The problem persists
and goes away as the config file is changed, irrespective of the kicker
package installed, debian's or ubuntu's, with or without matching
support chains.  This is the guilty line:

@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
-UnhideLocation=0                     <-- good
+UnhideLocation=4                     <-- bad

Expected behaviour:

The good line causes kicker to work perfectly.  It jumps up and down as
the mouse hovers over it or leaves it. Kicker is at the bottom edge of
my screen (configured to centre, bottom). Kicker is otherwise
configured to respond immediately, without delay, and to do no
animation, at max speed.

However, the good line corrresponds to a greyed out

   hiding -> Raise when the pointer touches the screen's ...

section in the graphical configuration utility. That may be "kompmgr".

I note that there is no help information corresponding to that option.
It suggests that it has been added recently and is not yet working

Aberrant behaviour:

The  bad line corresponds to 

   hiding -> Raise when the pointer touches the screen's  -> BOTTOM EDGE

in the graphical configuration utility. It causes kicker to stay up
after a mouseover. Kicker does not go down. Waving the mouse over and off
it, particularly near the right bottom corner, multiple times .. 20 or
30 times, eventually causes it to disappear. Just waiting does nothing,
as far as my patience can tell.

I have kicker configured to hide itself IMMEDIATELY, and to do so with
NO ANIMATON, and speed FAST (as possible).

That should enable you to find the problem. You may have my full
kickerrc (attached), but I believe you can reproduce the fault from the
report above.

> go, and is usually cured by a shutdown and restart of one thing or
> other.  If it were me talking - and I am, hey!  - I would say that it's
> a mild nonconformity in a config file causing the problem.  Probably fixed
> by letting either the file or the utility make a fresh start. Could
> even be some old shared library hanging around in memory.

I would appreciate it if you would move this issue on to the
appropriate people who will deal with it.

Towards a better debian.


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