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Bug#498573: libqt4-dev: Please, enable Phonon support

On Thursday 11 September 2008 22:16:25 Felix Homann wrote:
> Hi Sune,
> what does it mean after all?

It means that you have a bit newer phonon available supposed to be source and 
binary backwards compatible with phonon 4.1 as shipped with qt4.4.

> As far as I can tell the Qt4.4 interface is not working. Actually, I
> don't even know whether it is an interface or if Phonon is just bundled
> with Qt 4.4. At least, Qt and Phonon don't play together as they should
> according to the Qt docs, e.g. the example applications won't build.

I have myself written a small media player without any problems. Please be 
more verbose.

> Qt applications are supposed to build on many platforms without
> modification of the source code. They won't on Debian if Phonon is
> involved. So how am I supposed to use phonon in Qt applications on Debian?
> Similar discussions can be found here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/253854
> and here:
> http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-freebsd/2008-June/002501.html
> Seems like it's not only a Debian specific problem. But maybe there
> should be mention in something like README.Debian or README.Phonon
> 1. that Phonon is disabled
> 2. how you can build Qt/Phonon applications (there's NO docs in
> /usr/share/doc/libphonon* and Qt's Phonon docs don't work)

phonon is not disabled. phonon is just built from phonon source package, the 
real upstream of phonon. Qt just embeds a copy of it.

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