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Bug#494427: plasma: emptying trash from the trash plasmoid does not notify about trash changes

On Sat, 06 Sep 08 10:31, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 03:11:37PM +0200, Armin Berres wrote:
> > I think what we should do to solve this problem is to rename ktrash4 back to
> > ktrash as soon as kdebase 3.5 vanished from unstable.
> That is not going to happen in a couple of months, until then, he'll be
> suffering this problem, so until then, i think best is update 03_ktrash4.diff
> and add this patch.

Yes, agreed for sure.

> > Or do we want to support people staying with KDE 3.5, while updating
> > kdebase-runtime?
> Yes... since we have all the stuff together in unstable :)

I don't get what you mean ;-)
As soon as KDE 3 base has vanished from unstable /usr/bin/ktrash is unused
again. We could upload a kdebase-runtime conflicting with the vanished
kdebase. What do we have together in unstable then?


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