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Bug#471694: kregexpeditor: Incorrect Hungarian translation in character range dialog

> Let's see what is the staus of this bug? Do you still have this problem
> with KDE 3.5.9?

Yes, but I have realized that the situation is more complicated.

When I start kregexpeditor alone (from the command line), and I click 
the 'abI' icon, then the labels are correct: I see 'Ettől'.

However, things are different when I want to do a regexp search within kwrite 
or kate.  I click on the button 'Szerkesztés...' in the search dialogue to 
construct the regexp using kregexpeditor.  When I click the 'abI' icon, I see 
the incorrect 'Feladó' as the label.

Under these circumstances, shall I contact the Hungarian translation team?

	Gábor Braun

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