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Re: Qt package for Maemo

On Monday 18 August 2008 09:58:44 Antonio Aloisio wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm the current maintainer of the Qt4 packages for Maemo.
> In these days I'm working on the Qt 4.4.1 packages
> I'm trying to keep the Debian and the Maemo Qt packages synchronized..
> when possible..

Are you working against current debian/experimental package or debian/unstable 
or pkg-kde svn packaging or something else ?

> By the way I've some questions to ask you.
> 1. Why are you using find with --delete flag instead that find with
> "-print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf" in debian/rules?
>     Maemo uses the old find version and the delete flag is not available at
> all.

I don't think we ever planned to be used with so old toolchains. I also don't 
know if the packaging actually works with the debhelper version 4 as maemo 

I am currently trying to update the debian toolchain to something newer, as it 
is needed to build kde4 anyway. ANd I would really like a dpkg-buildpackage 
supporting -jmany.

> 2. I'm going to split the libqt4-dbg in several packages in order to
> save space on the device and permit the
>     developer to debug the application on the device.
>     Eg. Moving the qt3support symbols in a new dbg package.
>     Are you interested to split the debug package or not?

The -dbg is already split in several parts if you look at the newest 
packaging. libqt4-dbg, libqt4-webkit-dbg, libqt4-xmlpatterns-dbg. Back then, 
we didn't think it would gain much to split it further.

> 3. I want to create the "not-installed" file. Is the script public
> available? Or I need to write it by myself?

This is just manually.. Or when you are satisfied with what debian/rules list-
missing returns as not installed, just doing debian/rules list-missing |sed 
's/^-//' > debian/not-installed  you are home safe.  Note that this feature 
needs newer cdbs than provided by maemo debian devkit.

> I haven't any questions for now.
> Thank you all and I hope to keep in touch with you.

I am wonderin if it makes sense to look for maemo in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS and 
then do some specific things in the rules file to only have one set of packaging  
-  but this is just a quick braindump. Feedback from co-packagers is very much 

Do you know how could I mount the controller?

First of all you neither must turn off the command prompt, nor should boot from 
a proxy of the RW provider to turn on a head.

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