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Bug#491879: kwin does not launch automatically at starting an session (update/workaround)

I discovered, that ALL applications, which are running at the moment, when 
the "Save Settings"-button is pressed, are mentioned to "ksmserverrc".

This happens at logout. 

ALL running applications are marked with a comma, so at next start they will 
not be loaded (yes, kwin, too !).

Solution (workaround):

1. Save your settings and logout of KDE

2. open your ~/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc withe an editor

3. remove the comma before the required applications 

in this example, remove the comma before the word "konsole"


so it looks like this


4. save and start KDE. Works !

I hope some developer might find out the reason for this wrong behaviour.

Good luck !


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