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Bug#491879: kwin does not launch automatically at starting an session

On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 08:19:00PM +0200, Adam Kraśnicki wrote:
> So I came back home, downgraded my desktop and... it didnt work O.o
> Still had this problem. But i remembered that I played with some
> session settings at work. Setting "Restore manually saved session" and
> then "Save session" in menu did the trick. Did some reboots and
> logoffs, returned to "Restore previous session" and everything worked
> just fine. Then upgraded, first reboot it worked. Sadly just first. I
> loged off and kwin didnt start again.

This bug is becoming a headache :D
So I guess we can discard kdelibs update as the cause of the problem ?

Wild guess, can you try with up-to-date kdelibs to -4 and start your system
with a previous kernel image?
If the problem is still present i'm running out of ideas about what can be the


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