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Bug#493187: akregator: Problems with 'Article' column width

Package: akregator
Version: 4:3.5.9-5
Severity: normal

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I have a few problems with column width in the normal view mode.

Problem 1: Double-clicking on the border between 'Article' and 'Feed'
headings doesn't do anything. It should resize the 'Article' column
to the width of the longest article name. It does work for other
columns however.

Problem 2: Article column width is automatically reset by marking
articles as important. This is annoying and forces me to keep
resizing the 'Article' column each time (make it wider so I can read
the full article title).

-- System Information:
Debian Release: lenny/sid
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'stable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.25-2-686 (SMP w/1 CPU core)
Locale: LANG=en_ZA.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_ZA.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash

Versions of packages akregator depends on:
ii  kdelibs4c2a             4:3.5.9.dfsg.1-6 core libraries and binaries for al
ii  libc6                   2.7-12           GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libgcc1                 1:4.3.1-8        GCC support library
ii  libkdepim1a             4:3.5.9-5        KDE PIM library
ii  libqt3-mt               3:3.3.8b-5       Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime v
ii  libstdc++6              4.3.1-8          The GNU Standard C++ Library v3

akregator recommends no packages.

akregator suggests no packages.

-- no debconf information

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