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Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: general: unable to mount fixed drives

>> If you are bothered or whatever, please make me talk with a hal developer,
>> thanks
>You are not forbidden to do anything. Just look at 
>http://packages.debian.org/hal and contact the maintainer yourself. But, 
>please, KDE has nothing to do with this "bug", that's hal refusing your 
Yes, i just asked you how to avoid this, expecting that kde people use to  
deal with this kind of things..

>I sincerely tried to explain "workarounds" for you but you would not  
Your workaround was to use fstab? :D I told you, i simply can't :DDD

>If some kubuntu livecd works for you (I bet knoppix and/or sidux >would  
>work the same way too, because they are LiveCDs. I would expect the LiveCD to 
>behave so), that's great. But official Debian installation is not a LiveCD. 
>You are bothering the wrong people.
I think you are just the wrong people, i asked kubuntu guys and finally 
figured out that they simply use kdesu as workaround! (in both live and 
installed version, but the live does not even ask for the password, because 
is a livecd...) This is what we call workaround...
Now i have to choose: apply this teqnique to my system, or change the base 
distro...I'm working on this system since 2 years...

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