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Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Re: konqueror: unable to mount fixed drives. Nobody knows how to fix this...

>> Thank you for your reply, but isn't avoid this the purpose of hal?
>No, hal deals only with removable drives. It refuses to mount all fixed 
>drives, /etc/fstab based mounting is KDE media feature.
Can i change this behavior?
What can i do, better than open a shell and manual mount? (i can't use fstab)
And most of all: WHY? :P

>> I'm on a pendrive system, to work on every pc, so...

>From your original bug report:
>>No problem with removable devices (pen or hard-disks)."

Ahahaha are you kidding me? Obiously sometimes i need also to mount some fixed 
harddisks :D

Anyway, with some other distribution i tried (the last one is kubuntu 
8.04.1-desktop, yesterday) i can mount fixed harddisk just like removable, 
Thanks again

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