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Bug#491250: kolf: It's unreasonably difficult to edit levels

Package: kolf
Version: 4:3.5.9-2+b1
Severity: normal

To edit a level I first have to start a game.  That makes no sense.

Then if I want to create a new level I can't just select that menu option, I
first have to edit a level.  So I have to select to edit a level that I don't 
want to change in order to be able to create a new level.

The kgoldrunner game has a good system for editing levels (including a slider
for selecting which level in a game to edit and previews).

Maybe it would be possible to create a kde library for managing the process
of loading and saving levels.  If not a straight copy/paste of code from
kgoldrunner would improve things.

I believe that a young child should be able to edit levels without assistance.
This is possible with kgoldrunner but not with kolf.

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