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Bug#489837: places annoying popup message on screen without permission

Package: kopete
Version: 4:3.5.9-3

Kopete displays annoying popup messages on the screen when a connection
is lost, even though there is nothing set in notifications to tell it to
do so.  This "feature" is extremely annoying as, if a person has an
intermittent Internet connection (for example wireless), they will be
incessantly be bombarded with popup messages about the services for
various IM accounts being unable to connect.

There are more graceful ways to interrupt users with such information
such as flashing the system tray icon which would be an improvement,
however it would be nice to be able to completely disable this type of
notification.  It should be assumed that kopete will always try to
reconnect to services at reasonable time intervals unless it is told not
to, so there is really no need for this sort of notification at all.

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