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Bug#476217: psi vs Qt4.4.0-3 segmentation fault


I'm one of the Qt4 maintainers - but I'm not a psi user and have no real clue 
on how to try/retry this bug, but it would be very nice if some of you had 
some spare cpu cycles to spend on this problem.

Try on a updated unstable system:

apt-get source qt4-x11 
open debian/patches/series with your favourite editor and 
comment the following 3 patches: (add a # at the beginning of the line)

build. install. test.

If psi now still crashes, the issue isn't directly in the Qt changes between 
-2 and -3, but something in the build environment.
If psi don't crashes, please try enable the patches one by one and 
build/install/test  until it crashes. Please note which patch it is.

I somehow think it is in the environment, becasue neither of these 3 patches 
seems relevant for the crash, but is the only changes in Qt code between the 
-2 and the -3 version.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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