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Bug#366342: About oyu bug #366342 "kmid: cannot open /dev/sequencer" to DBTS

found 366342 4:3.5.9-1
thank you

> We are sorry if nobody responded when you filed the bug, KDE has
> gotten more bugs in the past years than the maintainers could handle.
> The team is trying to fix this now, but we need your help. So please
> respond to this mail and tell us if:
> - you are still experiencing this bug (adding in what version)
> - the bug was already fixed (if known, in which version),
> - or if you have extra information on how reproduce this bug.

yes, this bug still exists.  download any of the songs from
www.mididb.org, and try to play with kmid.  you will get the errors as
described in previous messages.

thanks for doing this triage.

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