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Bug#486332: kmail: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libkdepim.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN13KRichTextEdit17mouseReleaseEventEP11QMouseEvent

tags 486332 +confirmed pending

> Version: 4:4.0.80-1

> Following upgrade (libkdepim4?), kmail is now unusable, giving the
> following error message: kmail: symbol lookup error:
> /usr/lib/libkdepim.so.4: undefined symbol:
> _ZN13KRichTextEdit17mouseReleaseEventEP11QMouseEvent

> ii  kdebase-runtime     4:4.0.82+svn819867-1 runtime components from the
> offici ii  kdelibs5            4:4.0.82+svn819867-1 core libraries for all
> KDE 4 appli ii  kdepimlibs5         4:4.0.82+svn819867-1 core libraries for
> KDE PIM 4 appli ii  libc6               2.7-12               GNU C Library:

Is hopefully fixed when kdepim gets uploaded in same newer version.

there was abi changes to kdelibs.

Genius, I'm not able to open the software, how does it work?

From Flash 92 you neither have to boot with the connection, nor should insert 
a forward of a parallel TCP system to the clock for mounting a hard disk on 
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