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Re: Bug#485655: debian-installer: The KDE images should use sudo too and configure KDE accordingly.

On Wednesday 11 June 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 June 2008, Didier Raboud wrote:
> > One solution for KDE3 is to install the kdesudo package and
> > to "dpkg-reconfigure" it to accept the usage of the kdesudo as
> > drop-in replacement for kdesu. It will then use sudo.
> We can do that relatively simply by preseeding that answer to the
> correct value (if using sudo has been selected and kde is set as the
> desktop environment to install) and adding kdesudo to the kde-desktop
> task.

I've tested this and it appears to work, although the first time I somehow 
managed to crash the dcop server. I've tried both administrator mode in 
Control Center and the kuser user setup application.

My proposal would be to:
1) add the kdesudo to the Key packages in kde-desktop task
2) add a hook script in pre-pkgsel.d that does:
   if db_get passwd/root-login && ["$RET" = false ] && \
      db_get tasksel/desktop && [ "$RET" = kde ]; then
	echo "kdesudo kdesudo/kdesu boolean true" | \
		LANG=C chroot /target debconf-set-selections

This means kdesudo already has the correct debconf setting before it gets 
installed by tasksel and the diversions get added automatically on 

Alternatively we could do 2) + an apt-install in a finish-install.d hook 
script and then only if the desktop task was actually selected, but that 
would mean having to ensure that kdesudo gets included on images by 

KDE team: any comments on this plan?

> Side note: I wonder how we ensure gksu is available on the first CD. It
> is only recommended by gnome-utils (pulled in by
> gnome-desktop-environment). It is not listed explicitly in either the
> gnome-desktop task or debian-cd.

Joey: care to comment on this?


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