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Bug#483629: kmail crash when clicking New

tags 483629 moreinfo unreproducible


Friday 30 May 2008, Cassiano Leal ra:
> ii  libkdepim4                    4:4.0.74-1 KDE PIM library
> ii  libkleo4                      4:4.0.74-1 certificate based crypto
> library f ii  libkpgp4                      4:4.0.74-1 gpg based crypto
> library for KDE ii  libksieve4                    4:4.0.74-1 KDE mail/news
> message filtering li ii  libmimelib4                   4:4.0.74-1 KDE mime
> library
Please upgrade these libraries to 4.0.80-1 and report if you still can 
reprodube the crash.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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