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Re: Bug#480972: vulnerable to symlink attacks

On Tuesday 13 May 2008, Marco d'Itri wrote:

> Security team: libuu-dev is a static-only library (see #216593).
> klibido, nget and slrn build-depend on libuu-dev, while
> libconvert-uulib-perl and kde (I don't know exactly which package,
> look in the kdesupport directory) contain an embedded copy.

I tried locating it in kde (kdesupport directory). I could find it thru google 
code search in a  ancient (probably kde 1) tarball on some openbsd mirrors.

But I couldn't find it in neither kde3 or kde4.

(I looked for the file mentioned ..)

I'm not able to forward from a USB file, how does it work?

You must install the clock for logging on a system to a directory.

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