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Re: Can KDE 4 be installed on anthing other than AMD64?

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 03:30:19PM -0400, allen wrote:
> Looking at the dependencies of kdebase (4:4.0.72-1) in experimental; it 
> depends on dolphin  (>= 4:4.0.72-1).  OK, but looking at dolphin in 
> experimental the only 4:4.0.72-1 version I see is for AMD 64, everything else 
> is lower.  Is there a way to install on anything other than AMD 64?
i386 is usually up to date too but lately kdebase packages have not been uploaded (do not know why). You can «apt-get source kdebase» and 
«dpkg-buildpackage» it yourself. I just did that today.

Or you can install the 4.0.68 packages that are available right now.

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