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Bug#479823: Use "su-to-root -X" as su wrapper in menu/desktop files

Package: lilo-config
Severity: important
Version: 4:3.5.9-1
User: debian-live-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: su-to-root
Tags: patch


The menu item or .desktop file:

uses an su wrapper other than su-to-root such as "gksu" or "kdesu". On
Debian systems, please use "su-to-root -X", which will pick the correct
wrapper based on what's installed on the system and the current desktop

Using su-to-root is also important for Live CD systems which need to use
sudo rather than su (su-to-root permits global configuration to use sudo).
This change still important even if the package is targetted at (or uses a
widget toolkit closely related to) a particular desktop environment.

The solution is trivial:

 - Exec=gksu /usr/sbin/my-binary
 + Exec=su-to-root -X /usr/sbin/my-binary

Lintian reports this error as "su-wrapper-not-su-to-root".


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