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decibel_0.5.0+svn803080-1_i386.changes is NEW

  to pool/main/d/decibel/decibel_0.5.0+svn803080-1.diff.gz
  to pool/main/d/decibel/decibel_0.5.0+svn803080-1.dsc
  to pool/main/d/decibel/decibel_0.5.0+svn803080-1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/d/decibel/decibel_0.5.0+svn803080.orig.tar.gz
  to pool/main/d/decibel/libdecibel-dev_0.5.0+svn803080-1_i386.deb
(new) libdecibel0.7.0_0.5.0+svn803080-1_i386.deb optional libs
libraries for the Decibel communications framework
 Decibel is a real-time communications framework, which manages services such
 as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP),
 text-based chat, and instant messaging.  It provides a simple D-Bus interface
 for communication protocols, accounts, contacts, and desktop components.
 This package contains the Decibel core libraries.
Changes: decibel (0.5.0+svn803080-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * New snapshot
  * SONAME change => package rename
  * fix up install files
  * merge decibel and decibel-kde4 packages, as both now uses stuff
    from kde4.
  +++ Changes by Matthew Rosewarne:
  * Tweak package descriptions.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3.

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