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Bug#369994: kpdf cannot open password protected pdf files

	I ran into exactly the same problem - seemingly.  My monthly earning 
statements has started to come to me in an encrypted PDF file, and it looked 
to me as if kpdf sometimes refused to acknowledge the password.  I found this 
bugreport, and realized I had the same problem as had the submitter - my 
earning statements are confidential, too.  What I did next was to retrieve 
and compile the source codes for kdegraphics and xpdf for a pair of 
comparative gdb session.  At which time I discovered that the password I was 
prompted for was that of kdewallet - kpdf is activating kdewallet before it 
is asking for the pdf password, and if kdewallet has not been activated 
earlier in the KDE session, it is asking for password.  This explains why I 
sometimes succeeded in opening the files and sometimes not.

	First I felt a little stupid, but then I realized that this is actual a very 
easy observation mistake to make.  You expect a prompt for a password, you 
get one, then you don't read the prompt text.

	Could it be that the submitter of this bug report has made the same 
observation mistake?  If that is the case the bug could be closed.

best regards

Peder Chr. Nørgaard     e-mail: pcn@pogt.dk
Gefionsvej 19
DK-8230 Åbyhøj          tel: +45 87 44 11 99
Denmark                 mob: +45 30 91 84 31

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