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Bug#477206: korganizer does not really import

Package: korganizer
Version: 4:3.5.9-2
Severity: normal

When "importing" a calendar from a .ics file, korganizer still has a
dependency on the .ics file.

I use korganizer with calendars stored on a webdav server. I tent to
get meeting requests in email with ical (.ics) attachments. If I get a
request for a meeting, let's call it appointment A, and I save the
.ics attachment file as ~/tmp.ics. I then go into korganizer and do
File -> Import Calendar -> Merge into existing calendar. The event
goes in to my calendar, i.e. I can see it there, but it does not get
saved to the webdav calendar. Also if I later get a new meeting
request, and I save that request as ~/tmp.ics the old event will
disappear from my calendar and be replaced by the new one.

Thus the import function does not seem to actually "import" anything
but rather create a hard dependency on the existing ics file.

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