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Bug#476608: [libqt4-dev] segfault with call to "QCursorData::update"

Le Mon, 21 Apr 2008 19:02:34 +0300
Modestas Vainius à écrit:

> severity 476608 grave
> thanks

> 2008 m. April 21 d., Monday, Modestas Vainius rašė:
> > I don't see how downgrade could have changed anything. Please reinstall
> > 4.4.0~rc1-4 and make sure your system is up-to-date.
> I stand corrected. When you upgrade libqt4-dev to 4.4.0~rc1-4, does get 
> libxcursor1 removed automatically? In either case, please test your app with 
> and without libxcursor1 package installed. I've almost confirmed your bug.

Mmmh, libxcursor1 is installed and I can't remove them, aptitude
propose to remove 30 other packages (k3b, kdesktop...)

And most strange is that this version 4.4.0~rc1-4 work very well with
the same software but an arch am64

This two systems are sid up-to-date.

ps : and I don't have change any cursors...
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