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Bug#475758: libqt4-core: Button/toolbar-item text fixed to pale yellow

On Saturday 12 April 2008 22:46:01 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> reassign 475758 kdebase-runtime,libqt4-core
> retitle 475758 Oxygen style (4.0.2) has text color problems with Qt 4.4
> found 475758 4:4.0.2-1
> fixed 475758 4:4.0.66+svn791114-1
> thanks
> Hi,
> 2008 m. April 12 d., Saturday, David Baron rašė:
> > Latest and greatest off Sid has button and toolbaritem text in a pale
> > yellow on grey default window background. Near-unreadable--focused has
> > darker background so somewhat better. Attempts to change colors from kde4
> > (experiemental) system settings has no effect. Since recent upgrade was
> > not kde4 stuff but qt4, I assume the problem arose there.
> You're using Oxygen with from kdebase-runtime version 4.0.2. You must
> either:
> 1) Change style to something else but Oxygen.

Yes, the problem is based in Oxygen. However, I changed to another, i.e. 
"Plastik" and the silly yellow coloring remains. Other stuff does reflect the 

Note that the problem effect kdm as well, also killing the background color 
outside (but not behind) its pane!

> 2) Upgrade to kdebase-runtime from experimental (4.0.66 or up).

Looking forward to doing so, however most recent package there is

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