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Bug#474668: korganizer: weird calendar colors after upgrade

Ross Boylan wrote:
> After the latest upgrade in testing the colors were very strange; in
> particular, items from my main calendar were a dark red, giving an
> alarming impression.

I just upgraded my testing box with same effect.

> Looking a little closer, I saw that each calendar, as displayed in the
> lower left, had a color.  I think I had them colored before, but not
> with these colors.

With 3.5.8 there were no colors for calendars or there were not
activated by default, at least.

> I was able to customize the color to something more reasonable in the
> calendars box on the lower left.

If you disable the color of the calendar (right click on the calendar
name -> ressource color -> disactivate color), you will find your
previous color scheme again.

> I'm reporting this because the effect was quite jarring at first, and
> also because it might indicate something more serious (like other
> settings getting wiped out) going on underneath.  As far as I can
> tell, all else is well.

One may surely wonder if this is to be considered as a bug, it
undoubtedly advertizes the new feauture yet ;-)

Hope this helps


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