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Bug#474586: libkcal2b: Contains duplicate timezone info.

Package: libkcal2b
Version: 4:3.5.9-2
Severity: wishlist


It seems that your package contains it's own data for timezones.  I
think it's best if it would support using the timezone information
provided by system.  This would allow us to change 1 package and all
pacakges using timezone information could use that.  In Debian we have
the tzdata package for this.

It seems this actually contains the same data as the kdepimlibs-data

It also seems to be embedding a date in the name of the timezone. This
causes problems in case the rules are updated and for instance an event
was created using the old rules but by the time the event occurs the
rules got changed.  It would be better if the name of the timezone
didn't contain any date.


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