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Bug#469834: Latest debugging info from kmail crash

On Monday 31 March 2008, Peter Niebling wrote:
> I already tried it.
> It only works in an totally empty environment.
> Once some Data is found in a folder it's crashing.
> Not only my account. Also wife and brother.
> After creating a new environment with a new configuration
> it seems to work. But updating is impossible.

Well, the last thing I can think of doing is to try re-importing your mail 
folder using kmailcvt. You will need to install the "kmailcvt" package if it 
is not already installed.

0. Make sure KMail is NOT running!

1. Find your mail folder, which is either ~/Mail or 

2. Rename "~/Mail" to "~/Mail.bak" (if you have it) 
and  "~/.kde/share/apps/kmail" to "~/.kde/share/apps/kmail.bak".  Also 
rename "~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc" to "~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc.bak".

3. To make sure you don't lose anything, make the whole mail folder read-only 
with chmod -R -w {mail folder}.

4. Start KMail.  If it crashes now, look for any stray KMail-related files 
under ~/.kde/share/ and rename them with .bak, then start KMail again.

5. From KMail's menu, choose "File" -> "Import Messages..." and choose "Import 
KMail Maildirs and Folder Structure".  Click next and select your old mail 

Hopefully the import process will go smoothly and KMail will work again.  If 
that's not the case, then I expect that only the developers themselves will 
be able to find the problem.

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