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Bug#407279: Additionnal informations about kfmclient's bug


sorry for my english, I will try to give additionnal informations about 
this bug.

a more precise description :

So, I open kmail, I read the backtrace of my bug report, and I click on the 
url :


Let's the bug start.
In the same time, I'm looking the `top` screen.
Immediatly, I can see lot of kfmclient's process in activity, all with 0,9% 
usage of memory (RAM : 1Go). The kfmclient's process don't die, I have to 
do `killall kfmclient` for kill all the processes.

 I can reproduce this "fork bomb" with all the url in my kmail-box, so I 
think that this bug is reproducible.

In more, this bug come with the sign-up toolbar, or from other apps. I have 
tried this method of the "external URL" with ksirc, and I have got the 
same result.

again, sorry fo my english and thank you to read this message.


David Kremer

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