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Bug#470625: kwin: Alt-Tab stops working

On Wed, 12 Mar 08 15:17, Marcus Better wrote:
> Armin Berres wrote:
>>> Sometimes the Alt-Tab combination stops working in the KDE
>> Yeah, great, and now? What do you want us to do?
> I don't think that's a constructive attitude to bug reports.

You are completely right, and I wouldn't answer Joe User this way.
But if you are writing bug reports this is something else. You are in NM
and (should) now how to deal with bugs and how to write useful
bug reports. This one definitely isn't useful and is really an upstream
thing. You report so many KDE bugs -- what about forwarding them
upstream at the same time? This is good for your karma and we have one
bug report less we have to deal with.
KDE 4 is still full of bugs ATM -- what do you think would happen if
users report all and every KDE 4 bug which is no packaging issue in our

Thanks for considering this when you report the next bug.

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